3D Printing - the Intriguing Future of Fashion

3-D printing has been used to create scientific and architectural models for decades, but now it's taking fashion world by storm. Designers experiment with 3D!

Solar Roadways Crowdfunding Campaign Raises $2.2 Million

It’s insane. It’ll NEVER work. They cost way too much. You’ll slide off them. Oil companies will never let it happen. Scott Brusaw, an electrical engineer from Idaho, has heard it all before.

10 Coolest Photo Ops in NYC

It’s hard to imagine a place where rooftops, sweeping views and urban vantage points are in greater demand than in New York, a spectacular city for making photographs.

Hang Out with Giraffes at This Luxury Nairobi Boutique Hotel

Giraffe Manor is one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings: characterful, picturesque, and enveloped in history like the foliage creeping over its brickwork.
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